We’re not your typical production company. We’re a small crew with a lightning quick set-up time. We’re small on purpose – instead of invading your space with trucks loaded with equipment, we prefer to take an unassuming, non-disruptive, ‘let’s-be-friends’ approach. We believe this style of shooting is the gateway to getting you refreshingly honest and authentic content. (The good stuff!)

Our Approach

We’re really good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. It’s a skill we’ve been perfecting for a lot of years. Sure there’s cameras and lights. But we make you feel like it’s just a conversation between friends. Our genuine interest in you and your story is something real – something genuine. And that’s the authenticity that shines through when we put it all together to create something that tells your story.

How it Works

We make it easy. First, we’ll chat. You tell us your story. Who are you? What’s your ‘why?’ How can a video help you? Who’s the best person to tell your story – is it you? Your customers? When can we start? It’s really that simple. We love a conceptual plan that gives us solid direction without too much detail. We like to let some of that ‘detail’ present organically when we do the interviews on location. You’ll get a much more authentic product. We believe that within the interview, the details will fill themselves in – and usually in a much more passionate way than we could ever script. And in our experience, it’s this passion that inspires action and makes for high-impact storytelling.

Small is BIG

I’m the founder of the company, and I love being involved in all aspects of a production. (This includes the initial brainstorming and production plan, right through to the on-location shooting.) After 30 years, I am just as comfortable with a camera in my hand as I am sitting across the table from my interview subject. My passion for the entire process culminates in post-production where it all comes together.


We believe in collaboration. Engaging our partners. A team effort. Feedback is encouraged throughout the process. When we’re on location, two very important words in our vocabulary are flexibility and resourcefulness. We are well-known and respected for our ability to go with the flow + make it work + get it done. Period.

Plus our clients tell us we’re fun to work with! The word ‘stress’ is not in our vocabulary.