Skutt Catholic hired Brian to create two videos for our recent annual dinner auction event. We explained to Brian what we were hoping to achieve through video. Brian ran with our ideas, expanded on the original plans, and created two very engaging stories. Each was filled with humor, film artistry, and compelling audio. Brian is so much more than a videographer. He has incredible vision and is a master film editor. The end result is a production that captures the imagination and warms the heart.

Lucy Smith, Skutt Catholic High School|Omaha, NE

“We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support of our mission. Your video was a perfect representation of the radiothon.”

Team Jack Foundation, Atkinson, NE

“HOLY SH**!!!!! Hysterical! That is going to sell the online training all by itself, I won’t need any of that other crap! LOL You totally ROCK! Sooo funny. Love your work :)”

Crickett Enos, | Barstow, CA

“Thanks again for an outstanding job on the videos. It’s a pleasure working with you!”

Sue Dittmer, Philanthropy Council of Northeast Nebraska | Norfolk, NE

“Thank you so much for your work on the Norfolk Community Foundation Video. I was so excited to receive it in the mail last week and can’t wait to start showing it. It really captures the spirit of leaving a legacy. Thanks again.”

Tammy Day, Norfolk Community Foundation

“Just watched it… Great job Brian!!!!!!!!”

Lori Crete , The Esthetician Mentor | Encino, CA

“This email is long overdue but THANK YOU for such a beautiful video! You honestly have such a unique talent. We are over the top happy with how it turned out. We have had nothing but wonderful remarks from staff, board members and the general audience. They are all in disbelief that you were able to take this and run with it the way you did…. and make landscaping feel emotional. Thanks for your great work on this! I know it helped us to sell memberships and several people have said that it gave them goose bumps!”

Jackie Urkoski, Nebraska Statewide Arboretum | Lincoln, NE

“Watched the video. Love it! Thank you so much on your hard work.”

Meghan Kenny, Banyan Medical | Omaha, NE

“This is AWESOME!!!! You did a GREAT job!”

Dr. Tracy Kruse, Northeast Community College | Norfolk, NE

“These are amazing videos. You certainly have a talent for this work!”

Monique Johnson, West Holt Medical | Atkinson, NE

“This is exactly what I needed in this moment… AMAZING! I wish I could take you in my pocket to every dang event – you say things through video perfectly. I love this! (And I’ll forward to the ladies today, I know they’ll love it, too.) You’re the best! Awesome, awesome, awesome!”

Brook Kreder, The Sole Revolution | Denver, CO