We Are Storytellers.
It's a skill we've been perfecting for a lot of years. Sure there's cameras and lights and all this new technology. But we make you feel like it's just a conversation between friends. Our genuine interest in you and your story is something real - something genuine. And it's that authenticity that shines through when we put it all together to create something that tells your story.
How do we do that?

Here's what B & B Video Does Best

We tell stories. Your stories.

We're really good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our skill that we've developed over the last 30 years, is our ability to pull amazing stories from people who may not think they're stellar storytellers. The secret is not really a secret - it's just our ability to have meaningful, passionate, heart-felt conversations with you. We purposely don’t take notes. We don’t distract you with a big camera crew adjusting this light or tweaking that microphone. Nope, we take a one-on-one, personal approach. To you, it's just a conversation. To us, it's our passion. It's why we started this business back in 1987. And it's why we still love what we do!

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How will you put video to work?

  • “We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support of our mission. Your video was a perfect representation of the radiothon.”

    Team Jack Foundation
    Atkinson, NE
  • “Thanks again for an outstanding job on the videos. It's a pleasure working with you!”

    Sue Dittmer
    Philanthropy Council of Northeast Nebraska | Norfolk, NE
  • "The video was filled with humor, film artistry, and compelling audio. Brian has incredible vision and is a master editor. "

    Lucy Smith
    Skutt Catholic High School | Omaha, NE

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